What do scientific studies suggest about chiropractic?

In many conditions that cause chronic pain of the spine such as (lumbago, cervicalgia …)
chiropractic is one of the therapies with the highest effectiveness index

in and also one of the safest care that exists. Chiropractic emphasizes on optimizing the nervous system, offering numerous benefits to all those people who want to improve their quality of life and who do not present a specific symptomatology.

Benefits of Chiropractic


Improvement of the mobility of the joints of the spine and of the muscular response.


Increases respiratory function.


It reduces the effects of stress on the body, balancing the autonomic nervous system, decreasing the tone of the sympathetic system when it is hyperactivated by stress and increases the function of the parasympathetic system.

benficios quiropráctica
beneficios quiropráctica

Improvement of agility, balance, proprioception and posture.
Increased performance in athletes allowing longer jumps, greater muscle strength and shorter reaction time.


Decreases arterial hypertension.


Helps expectant mothers relieve back pain and stabilize the pelvis, preparing them for an easier and faster delivery


Improvement of cognitive functions such as attention / mental control, memory, reaction time, processing speed, reasoning and mental calculation.

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