Chiropractic is a natural and effective way to increase your health and quality of life

What is included in the initial consult pack?


Initial consult with the chiropractor

In your initial consult, we will perform a COMPLETE CHIROPRACTIC EXAM which may include neurological and orthopedic tests, to gain a complete overview of your general state of health.

Confidential report of findings

From the information gathered during the initial consult, we will provide you with a detailed report of findings indicating which nerves are subluxated and a complete map of the overall functioning of your nervous system, along with specific advice pertaining to your case. During this time we will answer all questions you may have assuring you have all necessary information before beginning your adjustments.

First chiropractic adjustment

The chiropractor will then provide a very specific adjustment based on your neurological findings to help alleviate the trapped nerve (subluxation), so that your body can regain its optimum state of health.
Beneficios de la quiropráctica


First visit + Complete report + First adjustment session for 75€

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How can chiropractic help you?

Dolor de espalda quiropráctica

Back pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems that people suffer from and it can have a major impact on our daily lifestyle. Chiropractic can help ease the nuisance of general back pain and other problems such as scoliosis and herniated discs.
Dolor de cervicales o cuello quiropráctica

Neck pain

Accidents, bumps and bruises, whiplash injuries and bad work postures are just a few of the possible factors that can affect the neck and shoulders. Chiropractic can help alleviate these problems.
Lumbalgia, Dolor de lumbago y ciática


Pain felt in the lower part of the back is one of the many common reasons for seeking chiropractic care. Bad postural habits, prolonged seated positions, and sudden, incorrect movements can all contribute to low back pain or lumbago. Chiropractic can help alleviate pain in this area of the spine and correct improper postures.
Quiropráctica dolor de cabeza

Dolor de cabeza

Quiropráctica dolor de riñones

Renal pain

Quiropráctica dolor articulaciones

Articular pain

Who can benefit from Chiropractic care?


Expecting mothers


People who suffer insomnia


Office workers


People with stress or anxiety

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