Dizziness and Vertigo

Dizziness is a term often used to describe two different symptoms; when you feel like you will faint/lightheaded, you are suffering from dizziness, but when you feel that your environment is spinning this is in fact vertigo.

Due to the sensation of spinning or feeling off balance, many people also have nausea which may or may not cause vomiting.

Benefits of chiropractic for dizziness and vertigo:


Increases overall body function, decreasing severity/frequency


Improves mobility of the cervical spine and muscles


Helps determine specific causes of inner imbalance

mareos vertigos quiropráctica

What symptoms appear with dizziness and vertigo?



Decreased blood pressure (not enough blood reaches the brain), dehydration or rising up too quickly


Type of vertigo which is due to a viral infection of the inner ear

Postural Vertigo

After sustaining a trauma to the head/neck (whiplash), this type of vertigo is caused by small particles of calcium (crystals) that form inside the ear and destabilize our balance

What will a chiropractor do to help you?

Complete neurological exam of the cervical spine is required
Relief and recovery through the use of specific positions/maneuvers, always taking into consideration the comfort and well being of the patient
Precise adjustments to relieve pressure on the pinched nerves
Proper alignment of the vertebrae thus improving the mobility of the cervical spine and the associated muscles

Chiropractic adjustments help improve dizziness and dizziness.

A study published in the magazine Vertebral Subluxation in 2006 stated:
That patients who suffered from vertigo, were shown to benefit from chiropractic care. They were part of a study of 60 patients with various forms of vertigo.”
“The results showed that all patients in the study had positive responses to chiropractic care.”
“The study concluded that the use of the SOT protocol (a chiropractic technique) seemed the best and helped reversed vertigo disorders.”

Discover how chiropractic can help you

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