Many people suffer from headaches. Headaches can be caused by a variety of different factors such as; hypertension, visual disturbances, neurological illness, cerebral tumors or even stress. Studies have shown that chiropractic care helps to reduce the severity, duration and frequency of headaches in many people.

Chiropractic can help with your headaches because…


It works with the cause of the problem


It increases your physical and mental performance


Helps to recoup your state of wellbeing


Decreases the need for use of medication

dolor de cabeza y quiropractica

What type of headaches are effectively relieved under chiropractic care?


dolor de cabeza migraña cefalea y quiropractica

Chiropractors perform very precise adjustments to eliminate interference in the nervous system which can contribute to migraines and headaches.

Chiropractic care helps position the vertebra correctly to improve mobility and increase function to the nerves in the cervical spine and brain. It can help to uncover the underlying cause of migraines and headaches.

Dizziness and Vertigo

Mareos vertigos y quiropráctica

Many people suffer from dizziness and/or vertigo. The feeling of either the world spinning around us or a sensation lightheadedness is very common. Determining the underlying causes of the vertigo/dizziness is important. Factors that may contribute to these sensations are; hormone imbalance, low blood pressure, problems within the inner ear, etc.

The chiropractor can help determine the cause of the problem, and work directly with it to decrease the frequency and severity of the headaches or migraines. Chiropractors are also trained to alleviate benign postural vertigo using the Epley maneuver.

Who can benefit from chiropractic?



During finals week, students spend long days studying often without breaks or getting appropriate sleep  in order to excel in their exams. Chiropractic can help ease this difficult and often overwhelming situation, assuring the nervous system is free of interference.  This has helped students improve their memory retention, comprehension, concentration and overall learning capabilities.

People with stress

Over the recent years, everyone seems to be under ever increasing levels of stress. With chiropractic, we can greatly reduce the overall level of stress being placed on the body by helping the nervous system to relax thus allowing the body to better adapt to stressful situations.

Office workers

When we spend too much time in the office, we can often feel as if our heads will explode due to stress and bad postures. Chiropractic can help reduce the pounding headaches and helps the body to deal with overwhelming stressful situations of every day work.

Changes in weather

Changes in weather/seasons can sometimes cause headaches that can be overwhelming and debilitating. Chiropractic can help decrease these effects in a very effective manner.

Discover how chiropractic can help you

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