Low back pain, Lumbago

Chiropractic treats the origin of the problem to prevent it from arising again or worsening.

Pain felt in the lower part of the back is one of the  many common reasons for seeking chiropractic care.  Bad postural habits, prolonged seated positions, and sudden, incorrect movements can all contribute to low back pain or lumbago. Chiropractic can help alleviate pain in this area of the spine and correct improper postures.

How chiropractic can help…


Alleviate/decrease both acute and chronic low back pain in a natural way


Increase the recovery time and help to prevent future problems by strengthening the lower back and surrounding areas


Increase mobility and quality of life


Correctly align the pelvis and spine eliminating pressure on the surrounding nerves and discs

quiropractica dolor lumbar

What specific low back issues can chiropractic help?


quiropractica lumbar

A bad posture for prolonged periods, either at work or in leisure time, accompanied by a bad gesture or a sudden movement can easily lead to back pain or lumbago.

Chiropractic can help eliminate pain and correct your posture to avoid future problems.


quiropractica para ciatica

Accidents, stress, poor posture, many hours seated…can all be possible causes of sciatic nerve irritation which can provoke sharp pain along the back of the leg.

Through specific adjustments, the chiropractor will eliminate the pressure over the effected nerve and correctly align the vertebrae in order to prevent future problems that may effect the sciatic nerve.

Herniated discs

quiropractica dolor lumbar

The loss of the natural curve of the spine causes the weight of the body to not be distributed correctly. This situation can end up triggering a herniated disc.

Chiropractic works both in the short and long term: easing the pain of the affected area and preventing future degenerations.

Who chiropractic can you help with lumbago?


During pregnancy the mothers spine will experience many changes due to the constantly changing center of gravity, chiropractic can help to reduce back pain by assuring proper posture and proper pelvic balance.


Through chiropractic adjustments the elderly can reduce chronic pain and restore mobility, coordination, balance and increase overall quality of health.


Chiropractic is commonly used by athletes around the world to prevent injuries, accelerate recovery times, and improve athletic performance. Just ask the Olympic athletes!

Office work

6-8 hours in a chair in front of the computer can take its toll to the body. Chiropractic care helps improve one´s posture by giving proper advice on ergonomics and daily exercises.

Discover how chiropractic can help you

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