Shoulder Pain

The neck and shoulder area are vulnerable and sensitive parts of our spine

Shoulder pain is generally caused by an incorrect position of the shoulder itself that putspressure on the nerves and rotator  cuff tendons causing it to become inflamed and cause possible lesions (tendinitis). Each of these comes from the misalignment of the shoulder itself that pinches and degenerates the shoulders tendons, muscles and nerves. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that all the nerves that control the shoulder joint come directly from the cervical spine and upper dorsal spine.

Benefits of chiropractic for pain shoulder


Correctly aligns the spine and shoulder


Increases mobility and helps to regain the flexibility in the shoulder


Decreases chronic pain

dolor de hombro y quiropractica

What are the causes of Shoulder Pain?


Incorrect position


Pressure, inflammation or injury



Inflammation of the liquid fill sac within the interior portion of the articulation, which helps the shoulder move smoothly.



In the shoulder articulations.

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Rigidity of the tendons, muscles and ligaments around the shoulder causing pain in all shoulder movements.


Dislocation or fracture of the shoulder

Chiropractic helps with shoulder pain

Complete neurological examsof the cervical and dorsal spine.

Specific exercises and ergonomic advice to increase mobility and decrease wear.

Very precise adjustments to the spine and shoulder to relieve pressure on the nerves and muscles.

Demonstrated: Chiropractic adjustments help improve shoulder pain

A study published in the magazine of Manipulative and Physiological Therapies in 2010showed that:

Another study done by Annals of Internal Medicinein 2004 stated:

“80% of patients with chronic shoulder pain showed signs of improvement with session of chiropractic care.”

“La manipulación quiropráctica es dos veces tan eficaz como la atención médica para el dolor de hombro.”

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