Specialized areas of Chiropractic

Chiropractic provides benefits to pregnant women, children, athletes and the elderly

Chiropractic in the last 50 years has advanced leaps and bounds when it comes to working with children, mothers, the elderly, and athletes.  So much so, that there are post-graduate studies in each one of these unique areas of interest.

An expecting mother’s body during pregnancy is working double as hard, which is why it is fundamental that everything is functioning correctly. With chiropractic care, not only the mother but also the baby will be in ideally suited health-wise, before, during, and after the birth process. In addition, it will help the mother prepare for the numerous changes both physically, hormonally, and increase the mother’s pelvic stability and spinal alignment as the mother´s center of gravity changes. Studies have shown that proper alignment of the mother’s pelvis reduces the need for c-sections and overall labor times by 30-50%.

embarazo y quiropráctica
niños y quiropráctica

Scientific studies have shown that 80% of back problems in adults originate in childhood. Childhood is filled with accidents, falls, bumps and bruises…. this can greatly impact the spine and overall health of a child. While pain may not be felt in the moment, the damage can permanent, provoking problems later on in life. Chiropractic can help not only with spinal problems in children but also a variety of other issues including: sleeping problems, behavioral issues, weak immune issues, colic, otitis……

As we age, the body becomes more fragile, metabolism slows down and weakens, and the immune system becomes more susceptible to illness. The elderly population can greatly benefit from chiropractic care, helping them to have an increased quality of life and to age with pleasure. Chiropractic helps the elderly have the opportunity to maintain a higher level of physical activity, self autonomy and vitality.

quiropractico para ancianos
quiropractico del deporte

Exercise is wonderful for the body and brings with it many benefits but at the same time can cause severe impacts on the body, depending on the sport and level at which it is practiced. Many studies have shown athletes under chiropractic care, recover from their injuries much faster then with ordinary medications or surgery. In addition, it helps to increase the movement and flexibility of the spine and body, assuring that the joints and bones are correctly aligned thus helping increase one’s overall physical performance.

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