A chiropractor is a health care specialist dedicated to the study of the human nervous system. Chiropractic is a recognized health specialty in more than 70 countries and in the U.S. it is thethird most widely used medical specialty.

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A chiropractor is a specialist who receives advanced university training and specializes in helping to improve the function of the spine and its relationship to the nervous system.

The chiropractor’s goal is for the nervous system to work at 100% of its capacity continuously. With a healthy nervous system the body recovers more easily from its ailments and adapts better to daily stress, increasing the quality of health and life of people.

To do this, the chiropractor performs painless and very precise manual adjustments on misaligned joints, with the aim of restoring proper communication and proper functioning between the body and the brain. These adjustments are usually applied to the spine, skull and pelvis, which protect our nervous system.

Professional regulation
University Studies
Duration of studies in Spain
Chiropractic 5 years
Physiotherapy 3 years
Osteopathy X X Variable
Chiromassage X X Variable
Chiropractic X X Variable

The Spanish Chiropractic Association (AEQ) acts as the governing board for the profession, ensuring that all members have the proper requirements and formation dictated by the World Health Organization.

The following table shows a comparison between the hours of study in Chiropractic and Medicine in the U.S.A., where both careers have an average duration of 7 years of study.

On the other hand, the chiropractor must undergo annual postgraduate training to keep abreast of advances and developments in his field, thus maintaining a high level of quality and mastery of chiropractic methodology.

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Click and discover the comparison chart between Chiropractic and Medical school hours in the U.S.A.

*Fuente: (1) Facultad de Medicina, Madrid. Organización Docente del Curso Académico 1997 (2) Cleveland Chiropractic Catalog 1997

Quiropráctica *2
Medicina *1
450h 390h
Embriología, Histología, Citología
195h 120h
180h 240h
135h 80h
Fisiología, Patología, Neurología, Diagnóstico
1380h 1260h
225h 120h
15h 80h
Pediatría, Geriatría
90h 220h
75h 180h
90h 160h
45h 70h
45h 40h
45h 140h
2970h 3100h
Otras asignaturas específicas a las dos carreras:
Quiropráctica Farmacología
Nutrición Clínica
Clínica Asignaturas electivas
Asignaturas electivas
TOTAL HORAS 2330h 2300h
*Fuente: (1) Facultad de Medicina, Madrid. Organización Docente del Curso Académico 1997 (2) Cleveland Chiropractic Catalog 1997


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