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With chiropractic children have more energy and greater resistance to diseases

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Puravida Chiropractic Barcelona

At the Puravida Chiropractic Center in Barcelona we specialize in improving your health. Through very precise manual adjustments, we work with the objective of making the patient’s nervous system function at 100% and help in a natural way the recovery of different ailments.

quiropractica barcelona

Chiropractic is



Chiropractic is a natural alternative to take care of your health improving the functioning of the body and returning the optimal level of well-being.



Chiropractic care is very effective in reducing pain and symptoms, in many cases avoiding surgery and drug use.



Chiropractic is one of the safest procedures that exist. Suitable for public of all ages.


One of the biggest health professions in the world.
Established in more than 70 countries and gathers some 90.000 professionals. Important recognition, especially in the United States and the Anglo-Saxon countries.


One of the biggest health professions in the world.
Established in more than 70 countries and gathers some 90.000 professionals. Important recognition, especially in the United States and the Anglo-Saxon countries.

Puravida Chiropractic locations in Barcelona


Carrer del Bruc, 71, 08009 Barcelona

Phone: 93 265 05 93

Hours: Monday to Friday 9.30 to 20:00hrs

Olympic Village

Carrer de l’Arquitecte Sert, 14, 08005 Barcelona

Phone: 932 25 02 44

Hours: Tuesday to Friday 9:30 to 20:30hrs

Puravida Chiropractic Testimonials

What do our patients think of our treatments?

Mr. Alexander Durazo


First visited the clinic in Bruc a year and a half ago and have consistently gone between this clinic and the one in Villa Olimpia. Both clinics offer a welcoming, comfortable feeling and vibration. The front desk always greets you with a smile and have bright and comforting personalities. The Chiropractic experience itself is like none other that I have ever had previously. Less of a medical approach and more naturalistic and soothing. As a former athlete with a history of injury, operations and scar tissue, I always look for a top quality approach to keeping my body in alignment and performing at its best. Puravida has given me that and more. Cannot express enough gratitude to the Doctors and the staff.


Ms. Lala Liina


Been going to Puravida for years and very happy with the results and their level of professionalism. They always offer the warmest welcomes!
Very trustworthy chiropractors, knowledgeable and with firm and gentle approaches.

Mr. Kevin Lock


Chiropractic has changed my life mentally, physically and emotionally. Imbalances to the body occur from everyday stressors or compensations of passed experiences.
The puravida team are professionals that will give you the tools, advice and treatments to take your health onto your own hands.
100% recommendation to all people even if it’s just for a check up to ensure health is optimal.


Ms. Karen Warrington


I’ve been coming to Puravida for about 6 months, every week and I honestly couldn’t imagine not having this in my life now!

My back and neck pain is managed and improving all the time, but not only this, my hormones are better balanced and my mood and overall health has improved. It’s always a pleasure to see Kephra and the team. I learn something every time! Highly recommended.

Thank you so much for your care!


Ms. Isabel Rouco


I am 72 years old. I went for the first time because I was given the first session as a gift. I had no false hopes about big changes. However, my old bones on the right side of my chest have been able to reposition themselves. It has been an interesting experience because I had assumed that they would stay that way forever. They didn’t bother me either. I can’t see the variations in my back. So I can’t explain the changes. For 8 months the chiropractors worked on my body without hurting me. I had nausea after most of the sessions, which lasted only a few hours. I also had pain in areas where I had not had it before, for a few days. On the other hand, the pain that I had when I first went there has disappeared. Now I have no pain at all. So it is a matter of maintaining what my body has achieved. Thank you very much for your help!


Ms. Leia Pantle


I began seeing Dr. Pablo Martinez in the 7th month of my pregnancy due to extreme pelvic and hip pain that left me almost unable to walk. Within a couple of weeks, I was walking to and from my appointments and my quality of life had improved tremendously. Dr. Pablo was very knowledgeable and accommodating to my pregnancy and was able to create a plan to best support me and my situation. His chiropractic work was the single best thing I could have done for my pregnancy! My only wish is that I would have begun sooner. Now that I know how much of a difference it can make, I’ll be continuing with my appointments postpartum, as well as getting care for my partner and new baby. Highly recommend Puravida Quiropractica.


Mr. Salvo Salerno


My immune system was really weak, no doctor was able to help me. I went to this center with the goal of improving my backbone pains, Kephra just checking my nervous system told me that I was infested by gut parasites. I started with a parasites cleanse and from there my life improved drastically! Now I can sleep better , better digestion and as result, also my nervous system/backbone has improved. Really good job!!

Whatsapp: 683162253 Bruc: (+34) 932650593 V. Olimpica: (+34) 932250244

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