Chiropractic exercises

In addition to the adjustments, the chiropractor will recommend specific exercises that allow stretching and strengthening of the spine.

Before performing any exercise, consult your specialist if they are suitable and recommended for your health condition.

General instructions for carrying out exercises


Do the exercises in the order and according to their description.

Repeat the sequence once, twice a day (avoid doing it before sleep).


If you feel pain at the time of doing one of the exercises, suspend it.

In this case, it is advisable to speak with your chiropractor.


It is normal to be sore or stiff after the exercises.

If there is pain, use ice packs to reduce inflammation.

ejercicios quiroprácticos zona cervical
See exercises for the cervical area
ejercicios quiroprácticos zona dorsal
See exercises for the dorsal area
ejercicios quiroprácticos zona lumbar
See exercises for the lower back

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