What is and how to combat electromagnetic stress

It is more and more common to see people using all sorts of smart devices from phones, to watches to earbuds to clothing. As technology advances, the sky’s the limit for new possibilities to have wearable electronic gear. However, is all this easy accessibility good for our health?

We are electromagnetic beings and our body not only emits electromagnetic frequency but is also very much influenced by waves of radio/electromagnetic frequencies on a constant basis.

Our nervous system, the communication between the brain and the body, is a constant feedback loop of these frequencies. The nervous system functions with billions of micro nerve impulses every second. Every cell in the human body is communicating at a rate that seems beyond our comprehension and it never rests from the time we are conceived to the time we die.

Just like any good “technology” our body’s can become “interrupted” and the correct signal can be decreased, increased or lost completely. This interruption of signals can influence a localized area and/or the whole of the body because at the end of the day, everything in our body is interconnected.

Back in the 1970’s when microwaves became popular, everyone wanted one for the convenience of having hot food faster than ever before. From radios, to walkie talkies to battery powered cell phones to dial-up internet and on to wireless connectivity, each generation is finding itself with new advances in technology. While these advances create new levels of convenience, they are also creating new health problems in our systems.

What is electromagnetic stress?

Imagine that we create two sources of waves. Independently functioning they are fine but when they mix it changes the frequency and form of each wave. The same is happening in our bodies when we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Just like they now warn us not to microwave our food and especially not to stand near it when in use, the same is happening with our smart devices.

Phones and devices with wifi are constantly connected and admitting frequencies. Now we are putting them on our bodies in some cases 24/7. This means that the electromagnetic radiation is constantly interfering with your own nervous systems’ impulses! Just like when you try to listen to 2 songs at once, neither one can be heard correctly. The same is happening in your system and over time this will create subluxations and decrease overall health.

Advice to avoid electromagnetic radiation:


Avoid wearing your device directly on your body UNLESS you have an EMF protector on the device


Limit time connected to electronic devices, put your phone in airplane mode when you sleep and turn off your wifi signal


Avoid using electronic devices before sleeping


Ground yourself frequently (getting into nature, walking barefoot in the sand or dirt, etc)

While advancing technology is providing lots of new information, conveniences and makes life easier, it also can make us more tired, irritable and overall less healthy. Ask your chiropractor to check if you have an electromagnetic imbalance

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