It is the season again…colds, flu and missed days of work. So when we feel like doing nothing more than crawling into bed, why is your chiropractic adjustment so important? 

The work of chiropractors is to detect, correct and prevent subluxations. Remember, a subluxation is an interference in the communication circuit between the brain and the body. If your body has a lowered immune function, you become more susceptible to dis-ease or illness. 

But what about when the flu or colds or other illness are already in full blown effect? Is it better to get adjusted or better to wait until you are less infectious? 

The answer: GET ADJUSTED!  

And get adjusted more frequently than normal. Each adjustment works to stabilize homeostasis (the bodys optimal state of functioning) and allow the body to better adapt to external stressors. Plus it helps keep the immune system functioning optimally. 

Why do we get sick in the first place? 

It really depends on your internal wellbeing. If your body is in complete balance mentally, physically and chemically, then your body is in homeostasis and can adapt accordingly. However, if any of these aspects are out of balance, the body does not have the full ability to fight external stressors, in this case, an invasion of virus or bacteria. 

Why you should get adjusted when you are ill: 

  1. The adjustment directly influences and reconnects the brain with the body. Therefore, the communication circuits open and the correct messages from the brain and adaptations to the body can be made. Example: fever happens to create an environment where the bacteria and virus have a harder time surviving. If the body can signal the brain there are forgein invaders, the brain can then signal the body to increase the temperature and produce a fever faster.
  2. A spine clear of interferences means an increased immune response. When the nerves to and from your organs, tissues and cells are clear of interference, they can more easily call into action the aid of the immune system. Our immune system creates antibodies, histamine reactions and white blood cells that counteract infections or forgein bodies. 
  3. Chiropractic adjustments help balance CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) flow. CSF is the life support for your nervous system. It is responsible for providing nutrition to your central nervous system and removing toxins that accumulate within it. If there are parts of the nervous system with stagnate or improper CSF flow, toxicity and other problems may occur.  


There are many benefits to getting adjusted regularly. Remember your body may not necessarily be healthy just because you don’t feel symptoms. Also remember that your daily lifestyle has a great influence on your overall well being. 

Tips to a balanced lifestyle: 

  • Get good rest. REM sleep is crucial for your body’s ability to heal.
  • Eat a healthy, well balanced diet avoiding processed and refined foods.
  • Exercise regularly, daily movement and stretching are very important.
  • Limit stress levels and have some good ways to release stress so it doesn’t stagnate in the body.
  • Get adjusted regularly and even more when you are feeling under the weather!


We are blessed with one body for this life, take care of it and enjoy it.

“The greatest wealth is health.” -Virgil

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